experience that matters...

When results matter, experience counts. An English major may provide you with poetic prose, but when you need messaging that speaks to your audience clearly and succinctly, crafting it takes in-depth marketing experience and significant business acumen.

My educational and professional backgrounds include an MBA combined with more than twenty years of management experience in companies large and small. Such experience provides the understanding and perspective necessary to rapidly discern project requirements and quickly deliver effective communications that resonate with target audiences.

Throughout my career I've helped clients successfully address diverse target audiences — from local to international markets, from customers to prospects, from consumers to corporate buyers, and from employees to investors. And having extensive experience in team collaboration has also helped projects flow faster and more smoothly.

The clients I've helped and assignments I've handled tell the real story. So please feel free to review my work, and if you agree I'd be glad to provide you with an estimate whenever you sense that I might be of assistance.