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The rapid pace of today's business environment leaves companies and organizations little time to revise, edit, and polish their message content. Yet, quality of writing — whether for online content, marketing collateral, social media, public relations, internal communications, or investor relations — directly shapes how their respective organizations are perceived by key audiences. If you sense that your messaging content might benefit from a professional editorial review, I can probably help.

I generally work on a project fee basis. After discussing the nature, scope, and other aspects of a project, I provide a fee estimate to facilitate planning and budgeting.

The estimates reflect several factors beyond the actual writing, such as; project complexity, required research, onsite meetings, current messaging, target audience, and the nature of the approval process.

Clients usually find my fees competitive given the experience I bring to their projects. More importantly, from a total total cost perspective, working with a professional external writer or editor usually costs less than assigning in-house staff who often lack an appropriate blend of editorial management expertise.

As a client you can be confident of receiving copy that is clear, concise, and appropriately voiced for your designated audience. And, as an experienced writer with an MBA and broad business experience, I can quickly grasp the challenges that organizations face and then deliver messaging that's on-target.

I'd welcome an opportunity to discuss any upcoming communications needs with you and then submit a detailed estimate.